Friday, September 05, 2014

Naqiyya kamilia

We decided to try for another baby after futya had turned 6. Well at least that was the plan.. 
I didnt got prewgnant as soon as the iud was taken out. It took me 6 months after to get pregnant.
Then when it happened the journey started yet again.. Only it was more like my first time being pregnant. 

The journey was a pleasant one. I didnt have any episodes of too much anger nor sadness. But the pregnancy happened during the year of depression for mankind, too much war was going on, war against islam and humanity so much so i was a bit emotional. Then earlier during the pregnancy during the first trimester i had been crazy with korean drama.. Then the dramas living dead, big bang theory so on.. 

Then work as usual.. Towards the end of the pregnancy, 'boom!' Natural prebiotics and spa muslimah got so busy that before giving birth i was busy still taking orders. 

No special wants, except for my taska neededto get ready by the time i gave birth.. Websites and so on..

Well to be continued about the giving birth

8 years 7 months
She is already becoming a sweet girl. Much taller than dearest futya. Sweet as can be.. Like i said previously she understands ppl and very much caring..

7 years 2 months
She is sweet. Rather small for her size, due to her adenoids, tonsilitis etc.. Never mind she will outgrow this phase.. Creative, clever both girls are clever..

Anyway will continue to rant more

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


after abandoning this blog for 3 years..suddenly i have to urge to start writing again. guess all the talking to others too much makes me more of a boring aunty who talks and talks and talks. so..maybe this can be one way for me to just channel that talking energy!

my girls are now becoming lovely gals.

Monday, January 12, 2009

11 jan 2009

Today is Futya's 1 year 6 months birthday. Guess what? She has her own nickname.. 'yaya'... Funny as it may seem. I called this lappie 'yaya'. Coz it’s the end of my daughters' name. Realized it yesterday, when hana asked whose feet are these? She answered 'yaya'.I noticed that too before this, just wasn't paying so much attention to ask her. Futya is shier than Nayya. So her communication skill is compromised (bot in a bad way la) a bit. She uses more body language and cries and signs to say what she wants. But I noticed that she understands what I say to her quite early in her life. So when I bebel her she would cry even more. Hehehe.

I think Nayya by this age has all her teeth, but for sweet Futya, she only has 7!

Futya can show her hands, legs, hair, teeth, eyes, nose, ears, belly button, tummy, easily. Just have to ask her at her right mood time! If not you'll only get blank face answer. I think as in size, Futya is a bit small. Given to her after birth weight, which was 3.75kg. She didn’t seem to groom into the size she was born with. But its still ok for me.

BTW, it was this age that Nayya got a little sister. I remembered that Nayya too didn't have too many words. Ayang had said that 'I hope by the Nayya had Futya she would be able to talk'.. but Nayya didn;t have that many words. But she already knew how to say duduk, jatuh, bird

ah well, penat la doing this diet. its high protein, moderately high fat, low carb for 5 1/2 day, 1 1/2 day high carb , low fat, high protein. it makes my body goes into crazy mode. i want to exercise 4-5 times a day. but the diet only allows me to do 4 days of exercise. more onto strengthening. but i am in no mood to do that. just exercise. i can't do much exercise. will get too tired by 5th day. if i dont have enough protein, i would go grouchy. with everyone!

Friday, January 09, 2009

2009 update!

ok, ok i have not been updating soooooo long.

futya now is 1 year 6 months (in 2 days time) and nayya is 2 years 11 months and 18 days old.
ahhh, nayya is talking so fast now. but she still has her baby talk thingy. asked by her nani 'nayya2 nape nayya cakap pelat?' she would say ' sebab nayya kecik lagi laaaa'

hehehe... that pandai you know!!! now her 's' is changing to 'sh' rather than 'ch'. example, 'shushu' rather than 'chuchu'.

futya.. the cheeky baby!! she can of course run, walk, spout, rengek, laugh.. but not talk as in real words to you. strong or strong willed, yet shy. no help baby yet so clingy. her wants and not are very strongly expressed. even when i thought she would not understand, she did. aaa... so to say. she always fights with her sister. either the sister takes away the 'pleasures' she was busy doing (playing her newly found joy.. toys or scribbling with her new pen or talking with her softoy) or she's just being possessive over her mama or her 'area'... well, when the fights gets too noisy comes in the mama saying ' stop no more fighting' then the bebel starts. or the snapped reaction begins. ahahahaha....

futya still is breasfeeding while nayya stopped when she was 2 and a half year. quite easy to wean her. told her the milk isn't enough for her & her sister. then she just asked i would say that. soon she just understood herself. so i can say nayya is like an adult when it comes to understanding things. i just have to explain. of course in the beginning the would be some rebelling reaction. but in the end she would just say it out loud...a sign that she understood. its not just that time. up till now all i have to do is explain. but you know, sometimes, patence is a virtue. i loss my patience, then comes in the snapping reaction. besides, she's still a child. no matter how good she is, she's still so pure. many things have to teach her.

nayya would be a very big sister for futya.. as if she's that big!! she would teach her sister to say things rightly, tell no to things futya should not do, take away things from futya when its not suppose to play with.

futya, is different from nayya. they are 2 different individuals. coming from the same parents, i would never thought that these characters would develop since babyhood. i guess i never put myself as kids, or teen, or adult. i was always the same. i didn't have the 'i was small kid self' or 'i the big girl self'.. so i think these girls are now developing their characters from now.

its just so crucial.

ooo yes, futya loves to talk, sing softly, even dance. they both have.

nayya now is showing interest in drawing, coloring, learning abc. hopefully with the right education & patience she can learn how to read by the age of 4-5...

i tried to put in some pics.. but the uploading is just too slow...

so no more pics.. hehehe

Sunday, May 18, 2008

ammonium carb 200 and 4 steps!

everytime logged into my blog i always see my cats.. esp naru.... aaa... miss him so much.

a short entry.. i think.

futya 2 steps move was on 14th may.. then today another 4 steps. she's doing it!! finally. and she knows how to ejek mama, ayah, nani or makciks' if kene bebel i think... heheheh... well getting cuter and naughtier... dah pandai panjat tangga.. looking for her mama everywhere.. kat dapur ke, facial room ke sauna room ke... mama must be somewhere.. i know..

while nayya... tis the effect of ammonium carb 200. ahahahaha... her true nature or what my mom said as her suppressed nature has come out!! i think its just her assertions over her individual rights has come up.. finallly?? wasn't hoping for it. but i kinda know that its coming.. ahahaha.. take today. over the many things that she was being stubborn to, i just take this one as an example. LOHTTC is going on some renovation.. addition to our little center.. so, we had to stay at KLINIK TAQWA. she and futya slept on the mengkuang mat for their afternoon nap. then of course futya woke up first, being the 5 min baby!!then nayya woke up. i was just preparing some food for dinner. so i wanted to peek at nayya sleeping, she was awake. so took futy & her asking her to walk on her ownla. so her ayah was mopping the floor. said to him, take care of nayya, i have to finish cooking. so nayya was holding onto her 'pee pee', her ayah said go to mama and pee... she didn't want. finally she pee'ed la!! on the staircase. her ayah got a little upset. but i was well, its her 'tak nak' mood.. never mind. i tried to pujuk her to take off her clothes so that i can move her without having pee all over the center. she didn't want.. so i picked her up. she was screaming.. no!no!

then put her into the bathroom. i peeled off her pants.. practically peeled!!! then her underwear.. she was crying. and wanted to put on her pants back.. then i said fine.. let me wash the pee. after that she went to the back.. to cry. i told ayang never mind let she have what she wanted. so she even put on the shirt that i washed.. wet clothes on!!

so i let her wear wet clothes. hoping she would realize and say 'mama my clothes are wet.. can i change ?' nope that did not happen!! till the clothes dry she wore 'em.. but just because i let her do the things she wanted.. she tried to pee in the bathroom. but of course tak sempatla.. she took off her pants then ran to the toilet. without telling me.. so i just ran after her.. but making it seem like a coincidence. i told her, nayya you pee'ed.. tak sempat ye. takpela kite cebok ye? she just went along.. with no tantrums!! so her pants was off her by this time. then she wanted to sleep. 'mama nak shushu..' i said youcan have it but change your clothe first.. no i dont want. so said well no milk for you then. she did that for 30 min. then she was about to show another tantrum. her ayah said just give what she wants. i was just going to give her shushu. then she said ok mama i will change my clothes. pakai baju mama? then she didn't want. she chose her own clothes, which was not pyjamas... dress mind you. anything la in my mind than wearing something wet.

so in the end she managed to chose and make her own desicion.. in her mind. satisfied? i dunno. maybe tomorrow its gonna be another challenge. BTW, she went to pray jumaat last friday.. 9/5/08.

ok that's not a short entry... ahaha... its alreaady 1 am here.. nope have not made the detox diet recipe!!! ahahahaha

oo wish me luck on my promo month and lohttc new studio!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

10 months, 2 yrs 3 months

justice ok..

now futya has a couple of days to her 10 months birthday, nayya is already 2 years 3 months old.

she is already an expert in her crawling.. can climb stairs mind you..!! now am waiting for her to make her first move.. she's like nayya.. only more advance.. she lovessss music.. whenever she hears any sound she starts to dance... noticed that sometime in february i think. she would move her body to and fro or her hands she would move em.. now i knowla.. she was dancing. in fact she can mumble like singing. just now i was mumbling singing.. she followed me. she's a fast copier. coz her big sister would be her teacher... she knows how to 'bye-bye', she's not blur over things. manja yet pandai

aaa... she's learning fast.. can now form words. her vocab is more than i thought it was.. catches on to things we tought her fast. of course she's pelat... well cant say much bout it. but the descriptions she's giving over somethings... i myself find it quite well.. terperanjat. cute.

she loves her sister a lot. dah pandai ajak futya main.. of course futya is moody. kengkadang nak kengkadang taknak. dah mula mengurus.. memanjang dah pulak. oo yeah she lost her kuku coz dumbell on top of her left big toe. when was that?? almost a month.

pandai dah go to toilet on her own. she doesnt wear any diapers anymore, this is alreaaady been 3 months i think. even at nites she does not wear any diaper.. already been a month with that.

but of course her fav spot for pipis n o'ok is on the toilet mat.. the ones we put on top of floor.. other place no no... so its up to mama to clean up her 'mess'.. well what are moms for eh??

my thought that brought me to updating my blog was, will my girls need me the way they do rite now? when they can do things on their own.. aaa... just looking on how futya's clinging on to me on her being happy, playing, sleeping, moving, u know she just wants me to be around her so that she can play. (that's why i cant do thing fast enaf.. ended up playing with nayya n futya).. and nayya now that she's more independant - it just makes me think.

but of course that's just some silly thoughts of me. me being mom of 2, still clings to my mama!!! ahahaha... they say once you have children, they will always be your children...

ahh well... this is just me ramblings... was just kinda wanting to let things be a some plain of thoughts passing by, but aimi made me sleep a little bit late than usual... so here's updates!!

no pics tho

tagged ape ke menda ntah.. ni aimi la ni

7 random facts about me :

  1. 2 babies with 'ya' ending in their first names (ahahah!)
  2. wife to pelintah-to-be ... :P
  3. 10 kg more than i should be (another ahaha..!! aimi nak kene ketok)
  4. beautician yet am sloppy at taking care of myself ... am struggling here.... hehehe
  5. working - office n home combine in one.. which is first?
  6. crazy yet aloof - as one of my lecturer said (aloof part tho)
  7. doing biz yet no knowledge in biz ... again challenge la ni

7 things that scare me :

  1. earthquake
  2. tsunami
  3. something bad happen to my babies, ayang, everyone la in my family - ha reminds me.. late nite sms or calls.. dun do that ever.. unless its really urgent. faham tu??? hate that so much, coz it scares me a lot
  4. war - had bad dreams bout it
  5. anything what they call as high rides - was crazy bout em before, then i got dreams, recurring dreams of falling from da sky.. no more .. ever...
  6. ulats, lipas, anything that creeps
  7. no food, no money.... hehehe
7 random music at the moment :
  1. jalan cinta
  2. ayat-ayat cinta
  3. sayang-sayang
  4. mahluk tuhan paling seksi - aaaaa... not like song but catchy .. cant get it out of system
  5. quran - everlasting
  6. sempurna - gita gutawa
  7. hujan - pagi yang teraang .. sumting aa
7 things i say the most :
  1. ye kut
  2. ha pe die
  3. tak tau
  4. ntahhh
  5. hehehe
  6. kambeng bek bek
  7. kambeng gurun
7 things i treasure the most :
  1. babies stuff - momentos of their early life
  2. wedding pics
  3. my tasbih - purple crystal
  4. wedding n engagement rings, braacelet n rantai, pendant - tu ma n matuk bagi...
  5. my lappy
  6. babies pics.. wahh.. hundreds of 'em
  7. and the documents.. all records la
well, when Mastanah flooded, we just took our lappy, jewelleries, sijil2, baju anak2, all harddrives.. the rest tinggal, hope for the best la... so we know what's important la ni ... ahahaha.. tis was the emergency packing.. if the water rise till bumbung kan.. heheheh...

7 first time things i ever did : (hard to think of answers - its already 1.03 am here)

  1. facial - ahahah - 2 hours to finish and it was stupid - not even nicely done. was doing it coz i had to not b'coz i wanted to.. cuak gile.
  2. jual barang buatan sendiri with baby demam - muke tebal gile.. n it waas crazy with all the explaining. man who says its easy to make money..
  3. masak for people with a dateline - ie timeline -- it waas crazy and i had to do it for a month - up till now i had not re do the recipes - my aunts, mom, matuk upset bout it... they want the recipes... ahahaha. it worked!!
  4. read novel - little women, english novel at the age of 12.. my first serious engllish reading material and i finished reading it.. i thought i understood what i read.. ahahahaha... kinda not sure.
  5. live on my own with my own family - hmm.. has its ups and downs.. downs are when pinggan bersepah kotor, sampah tak buang, baju tak lipat, anak-anak comot, mama die tak mandi , dapur tak berasap wat kate mama, ahahaha.... ups.. everything is in order!!
  6. what else?? failing. dun talk about it. it hurts a lot
  7. looking at nayya after gave birth to her - aaa, what beauty, futya too .. alhamdulillah. feeling is and will always be overwhelming

7 people to do this : (i dunno)

  1. ayang
  2. hana
  3. mama
  4. baba
  5. who else??
  6. bla?
  7. kambeng?
  8. gurun?? ahahahaha

habis dah??? thank god.. ni aimi nye citer la nih ..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


i have a swimming baby.. swimming in the seas of hard, carpeted or sponged floor. hehehe...

how i describe futya's crawling way. first it was cacing or ulat style.. now its getting faster and ]
moving on a wider range. am telling yo finishing this sentence is a hassle for me.. its likeme, the lappie or futy7a and the lappie.. she wants to say something too.]]

she was somewhere e=se===--

ok i quit=-[\
\s\e u no